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The American Philatelic Society (APS) is the largest, non-profit organization for stamp collectors in the world. Membership in the APS includes a subscription to their the monthly journal, The American Philatelist.
The American Topical Association is the world’s largest organization dedicated to topical and thematic stamp collecting.  Topical collectors concentrate on specific topics and themes depicted on stamps.  Membership includes a subscription to their 92-page journal, Topical Time, issued six times a year.
Amos Advantage offers a wide range of stamp collecting supplies including albums and album supplements, tools, storage options, Scott catalogues, and literature.
The Christmas Philatelic Club (CPC) is a group of dedicated philatelists, specializing in all types of Christmas philatelic material. Our own Randy Bergstrom serves on the Board of Directors.
The Penguins on Stamps Study Unit (POSSU) is devoted to the penguins on stamps topical interest. It is the only study unit that maintains its own checklist – included with membership.  Also included is their quarterly newsletter, The Rookery Report.
The Philatelic Foundation examines and certifies stamps, covers and other philatelic material submitted by collectors, dealers and auctioneers, and issues certificates of authenticity. Their website has a searchable database of the certificates that they have issued.
The Plate Number Coil (PNC) Collectors Club was formed in 1987, six years after the first U.S. PNC, the 18-cent “from sea to shining sea” stamp (Scott 1891), was issued. The club was formed to promote the study of PNCs and increase fellowship among its members.
Stamp Albums Web provides album pages that you can download and print on your own printer. Access to their full album page library requires a membership which costs $50 per year, or you can buy a CD for $50 which contains all the album pages on the website together with a very user-friendly menu.  Sample album pages can be downloaded without a membership.
Stamp Community Family is a philatelic discussion forum where members can post messages about stamp collecting, and converse with over 20,000 members worldwide. Anyone can read the forums. Posting messages requires signing up as a member, and membership is completely free.  There are many knowledgeable philatelists active on the site who can answer just about any question you may have, and can translate even the most difficult languages appearing on stamps.
Stamp Smarter offers a wealth of free philatelic resources. The Online Library includes a great “how to” section, article archives, exhibits, downloadable and printable album pages, Britain and Commonwealth publications, and topical stamp collecting videos. The Features menu includes a variety of stamp identifier apps including a Banknote identifier, a Washington/Franklin identifier, and a huge plate number index.
The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society focuses in-depth on stamps and postal history of the United States issues through December 31, 1900.  Their goal is to encourage philatelic research and the exchange of information among their members and other philatelic organizations. Membership includes a subscription to their quarterly journal, The Chronicle.