Our Proud Heritage


The Omaha Philatelic Society was established in 1926, and has been thriving ever since.

During the winter and early spring of 1926, a group of stamp collectors made it a habit to stop in at the offices of Swartz & McKelvie Printing Company to talk about and exhibit their stamps to each other (The Swartz Printing Co. building still stands, and is shown at right with the old company name at the top). The group decided to form a stamp club, and their efforts resulted in the formation of the Omaha Philatelic Society on April 23, 1926. Meetings were held twice monthly at the homes of various members.

By February 1928, the Omaha Philatelic Society had an official publication, The O.P.S. Annual. In August of that year, a follow-on publication, “The Philatelian,” was published on a semiannual basis. The first stamp show sponsored by the Omaha Philatelic Society was held on May 22nd to June 4th, 1929, at the Aquila Court Art Gallery. Seventy-five frames of stamps were displayed.

The Omaha Philatelic Society continues its proud tradition of hosting the Omaha Stamp Show each September. The year 1994 marked another proud milestone in this club’s history when it hosted two nationally accredited stamp shows within two and a half month period—the American Topical Association’s annual TOPEX show and its own APS show.

OPS World Series of Philately exhibits